We take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of life We live beneath this canopy Why did we take that bite? We cover up our shame We walk in black and white We turn this ground for hunger Why did we take that bite? Paint me with an endless sunrise, Paint me… Read MoreRead More

You try to answer slow You put your head down low C­mon take your time Try to choose the most believable lie You try to walk away And tell me everything’s okay You think you­re are saved by words But you’re drowning in the absurd But to me it’s no big surprise You thought I… Read More

Learning inside I will be safe with you tonight You cause the smile And the teardrops in my eyes Locked inside your every movement Will I stand or will I fall? Trapped inside of your walls of glory I am just as dead leaves fall Safe with you Safe with you Chaos in my head… Read More

I stand here closed and open Praying for the summer rains Reaching in to pull back the curtains Ruling in this desolate land I will let me go My walls melt away You have no boundaries You cross my borders You have no boundaries You crash my borders I lie here clothed and naked Dam… Read More